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The Dinner and The Party


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Marriages of September/October2002

See what it means to get Married in these pictures, and enjoy the Images of the dinner and party! (Yes.. with me in of course ;)!)


Aside, Micky and Ale after their HoneyMoon in Thailand, smile happily as Elisa and Alfredo, married just two days before them, are doin as well (Thye made the same HoneyMoon Gulli and Stefania will take just two days after this marriage, a Cruising in the Mediterraneo Sea). Confess: watchin them and how they look one month after their big day, everyone feels the will to imitate them.. CONFESS!!! :)
Then see the married ones with Me and Micky.. and me and Stefania (detail on the gorgeous dress again!)




Again we've eaten like pigs!!! I think my digestive process took three days after 10 hours of restaurant to get completed ;)
It was really nice, and familiar, and sweet.
I really enjoyed it, and always and forever, may this day and its happiness be the mirror of all equally lovely days for you two,  for all your life together.
*luv* :)