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Gulli and Stefy's Great Day


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Marriages of September/October2002

Happy people waiting for the MOMENT on 19th of October 2002. A very blessing, shining day of sun and happy vibes.


Up , Stef, Gulli's Man Of Honour alongside Stefano Dellavia Too, smiles in the cold morning befor arriving at the church (yes.. the same church of the other marriage ;)!).Below, Me, smiling!



The fact Gulli was marrying this wonderful day it's and forever will be a treaure within my heart.
I have always loved deeply this man, such a pure heart, and loyal and faithful, capable of so much love.
To see him happy, naturally makes me happy.
Now, if he would have chosen "normal" men of honour.. (!!!!Kidding ;)!) that would have been a perfect day but ..e heh, after all, the only thing which has to be perfect is Gulli and Stefy's future fon't you all think?
Anyway, weather was spectacular. In the pic with me and Gulli below you can see I was just euphoric.. while he was starting to feel the pressure (he would have married in just t wo hours!) but believe, he's joy was under everyone's eyes. Stefania is a woman of so many talents and grace, that everyone would be honoured in being her husband.
While.. well, every single woman is blessed if loved from someone as sparkling as Mr. Guglielmo Vacchini.
I love you dear :)