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Before the Ceremony


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Marriages of September/October2002

Just a break to make you hold breathe before  the WORTHING pictures..


Did I ever say I love you all my friends? :)


This picture is an insight into Gulli and Stefy's life at home before their incoming marriage!!! a very important one :) Look the cuteness (and the new fireplace.. eeh eheh :)!!! )

Before Ale and Micky's Day, we got Eleonora and Pamela from Puglia coming visiting us up in Lodi while they were having a training dance school in Milan those days...

I love the girls so for me it has been great to hang out in the fog (no fog was actually there ..) as much as I enjoy it when we go down to them at Sea for Summer holidays... Luv you two!!!!
and I am happy to show these pictures :)

Notice that one way or another we always end up eating somwhere.. you see from the picture where Pam is embracing him that at restaurant we made that evening a funny and cute link with a mad, entertaining waiter!! That man rocked!!


the famelic eaters ;)
Where there's a restaurant, here we come!! ;)