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Friends and Happy Families


Before the Ceremony | The Exit from Church!!! | Me during Ale and Micky's Big Day! | Gulli and Stefy's Great Day | The Ceremony | Friends and Happy Families | The Dinner and The Party | Contact Me and Happy Wishes Everybody!!!
Marriages of September/October2002

Well, here I have decided to show mainly the friends, for obvious reasons ;) but I am plenty of pictures of the happy families as well, ehhe :)!


Aside, Gully in between his two Men of Honour for the Ceremony (Stef and Della.. you couldn't be his Man of Honour without being called Stefano I suppose!) and Marco.. who wasn't wearing trainers nor sport shoes this time!!!
Below, that should have been the picture of females only but Marco, Emulative of Rodolfo Valentino, wanted to be part of the scene.. Call him Mad ;)!
Below then you see the congratulations Stef gave to Gulli as soon as he was out from the Church, ceremony finished.
*Hugs*!!! :)