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More pictures from Overseas Friends


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Page 1 (5 pictures)

I am glad to present you some very heartful people. Artists in their soul before they are in their real life, because people like them makes others think and hope about the sense of Universe.
Thank you a lot.. luv ya :)

This is Jim: a treasure of man.. I can't explain how much I am feeling touched by him :)


This one is DarkAngel, whose name is...;)nosay!;)

She's wonderful Connie... even in the darkness!

You know Alan already from other pictures...:)

And he's a wonderful soul from Eastern Sun :)

These people means much to me, everone of them does in their own way, but what makes them adorable to my heart is that in them I find everytime a new depth and a total truthfullness. Jim is especially  dear to me from the very first time we started to communicate deeper. And their talent is something all of you would love to investigate. Check out about them in my Links Page as well.