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More pictures from Overseas Friends

You know how I am.. every now and again, I feel the need to share more images of me and my friends, and especially when I come to know more great people deeper, I have this way of celebrating them and thankin them for their cute care by including their pictures in my site.
here there is a mix of new faces and people you all already have seen around my pages.
Have a lovely fun:) I love to see these faces and mine with theirs, smiling when I can hug people I love :)

these are again from London trip...


Aside, Micke Izzi and me... a bit uncertain of our stance maybe ;)
Everytime I see pictures of  Finsbury Freaks days I just shiver :) They have been so much an experience to me.. with all spectrum of emotional diving within them.. I still think of Nelly and what she might be do now... will this ever cease?
I don't know, but I miss her...

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While this one above is again the big group of us.. (miss you guys!!!!!!!)


This is Andreas Lober.. my dear abmlober in Renderosity, from Germany with imense talent and sweet heart :)


This instead is Pete from England :) :) :)

The Dark Angel who's not really any dark :)

Andrew camping in Malta
See? now the collection includes you too :) :) :)

Again Drew in his Malta flat (but he lives in UK)