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More Gifts From Talented Friends

More works dedicated to me from special friends.
You will see here the way their different styles applies to my own work, and how they can turn it into magic!
Here in the starting page though, there's a space for Laure,Luc and Dale, sweet friends of mine, to show me their affection too. Their works are not based on mines, but only on their cuteness they wanted to shed on me.
Thank you :)

"Sunset" from LaureG
You are a treasure, LilLau!!!

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Note and disclaimer: All the images here are exclusive property of the owner of this site and of the artists who created them. Being personal homages, I show them here in my site but it's forbidden any copy or manipulation of them who wasn't previously accepted and agreed by the creators of them, and by the owner of this website.
Please contact me through contact page for any info.

Dale's magic
Hugs!!! :)

Luc's cuteness towards me is just magnificent
You know you are as graceful for me dear :)

Above you see the work of my dear friend Laure. She's got so many talents it would be hard to make a list of them which would be fair. I deeply like and love her. And I find her amazing.
The rose is instead blossoming from Luc (Cibele)'s cute heart, the heart of a poet who kindly gifts me often with precious drops of tenderness and care.
I have to thank you two dears, for all the great moments we've shared. And for all those we will share in the future. If you leave, this town will  miss you. And so I will...

Below instead, Dale's again : after his portrait of mine in the previous Page of this section, now you see more from him, and see how he can be eclectic in styles. Look forward to me and him's collaboration/cooperation, co-creation :)
Thank you my dear :) for everything you are :)