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Synapse's works
More Gifts From Talented Friends

The kind of empathy I share with Jim has made my days more precious since the first connection we started to have. We are capable of being one another's soul mirror and this makes me feel SO greatly...
It was from the very first time I saw his art that I thought he had to have such a skill due to a spectacular heart. And I wasn't wrong. It's an honour to see how he has reworked my works, and my portrait.
Thank you from my core, man out from stars and sea.

This is how Jim sees me...
taken from my pencil portrait I did

this is based on my pencl work "Asleep"
but really.. he revolutioned it!!!

the lighter version of the same rework...
still amazed everytime I watch it!!!

this is Jim's version of my paint "Angel Of Love"
it burns literally now... it's a special gift :)

This is Jim 's rework of one of my recent pics...
Notice the lovely style...

Don't miss Jim's page on my Links Page.. and since I am sure now you are intrigued about his style, visit his gallery @ Renderosity typing into the Search tag the nickname "Synapse".
Enjoy: and follow the advice!!!!