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Marriages of September/October2002
Before the Ceremony | The Exit from Church!!! | Me during Ale and Micky's Big Day! | Gulli and Stefy's Great Day | The Ceremony | Friends and Happy Families | The Dinner and The Party | Contact Me and Happy Wishes Everybody!!!

On the mid of September 2002 , just the same day as my parents did 35 years ago now, Alessandro and Michela (Ale&Micky) married for all of us's joy :)
Here it comes a testify of that great day, and after you will see Guglielmo and Stefania's big Day too, which is takin place on the 19th of October 2002. Gulli!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you :) Be happy my special friend :)

Generally weddings are not that exciting, aren't they? But Micke&Ale's one has been fantastic: funny and happy and alive.. we had a mega time and I hope you can see it from these pictures :)

I cried as soon as I saw Micky.. she was as beautiful as an angel, I have never seen a more beautiful and happy wife :)

Everyone got moved I think :) Even Stef confesssed he did, and once he does.. I mean, EVERYONE would!

the boys waiting before the event
Look Ale's gorgeously luminous smile!!

you know, you gotta eat before ceremony..
see Laura's gorgeous pink dress!!

As usual all Lodi's Creek was very stylish and cool.. we know (I include myself there.. I was really satisfied of my dress and the way I was lookin actually ;) Everyone else seemed as well honestly!) how to be posh when we have to !! Marco managed to look amazing even wearing trainers shoes  on a very cool suit! If this is not skill, I dunno what it can be...:D